grid auto

GRID Autosport

If you like racing games, you definitely have a lot of options to choose from out there. Oddly enough, one of the best ones you could choose right now, GRID 2, just came out a year ago, yet here we are already talking about its successor. The point is that in order to recommend GRID Autosport, I have my work cut out for me. It’s not I didn’t love playing the game; I really did. The problem is that you may already own GRID 2 or one of any other titles that let you have a great time while your knuckles turn white. However, in my personal opinion—and I’ve played all the major racing games out there—GRID Autosport is the best by far. Even if you already own GRID 2 or you only kind of like racing games, this title is definitely worth your investment.

For one thing, it’s nice and affordable given that the game is available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Still, like I said, I’ll put this title up against any other you can think of. Aside from being affordable, it’s user-friendly (something I can’t say for racing games), fun and yet still very challenging in an addictive way.

Part of the reason this game is so fun to play is because it’s also so easy to begin playing. That doesn’t mean any noob can come in, pick up a controller and start dominating though. It just means that you won’t have to dedicate hours to the game before you ever get to start enjoying it. That’s something I really enjoy. For one thing, it definitely makes it easier to get others to play when I don’t have to spend an hour explaining to them the most basic controls involved.

However, you can still trust this stripped down structure to deliver thanks to the EGO engine used to drive this game. The visuals are stunning too and will make you feel like you’re really in the driver’s seat hitting a bend at razor fast speeds.

Honestly, DiRT 2 is probably a second favorite racing title after this one and they have some important aspects in common, namely that you can just pick it up and start playing.

Nonetheless, this one wins for too many reasons to mention. Whether it’s the amazing graphics that show off crash damage, the countless racing disciplines you can enjoy or the most precision handling I’ve ever experienced, GRID Autosport is worth trying out.


The Newest Game You Have to Try

How many times have you been told there’s a new game you have to try? Now, how many times have you listened to that advice and felt worse off for it? Depending on how long you’ve been a gamer for, there’s a good chance this has happened more times than you can count, especially in today’s day and age where more and more games keep getting made faster and faster. Add to that the number of indie developers behind these titles and you have a recipe for games that continue to break the mold.

Meet Unturned

Only some of these actually live up to those kinds of lofty expectations though. So you’re right to be cynical when hearing about a game that’s supposed to be a market changer all by itself.

However, I can confidently say that Unturned may definitely be one of these titles. There’s a lot to like about it, even unturned hacks, yet the learning curve isn’t too bad, meaning most people can start enjoying it immediately. Oh, plus, it’s free. And on the Steam network. And being actively updated by the teenage savant that developed it. Do I have your attention now?

What this means is that one of the most popular games on Steam right now was put together by a 16 year-old who is not only offering it for free, but constantly making it a better version of itself. So you have the potential to play several versions of it and all without spending a single penny.

The Game Itself

The game itself does not disappoint. Even if you wanted to ignore all of the above, Unturned would still have a good chance of making a fan out of you. In some ways, it’s your basic zombie story. You and yours have survived the apocalypse, but for how long?

However, you aren’t going to be going out to find zombies to kill, so much as you’ll be defending against them. This might not sound like a lot of action is involved, but you’d be surprised. The first time I tried playing Unturned, I was immediately be set upon by zombies whom I couldn’t shaken. Finally, during my third or fourth effort, I found a car. But after running out gas and realizing I needed to eat, I consumed some berries that forced me to hallucinate and leave me vulnerable to those zombie killing machines.

So if you’re in the market for a new game and actually want to try something different, Unturned will not disappoint.



Broken Age

This game has been out since January and yet I still find myself playing it regularly. Broken Age is a lot of fun and a big part of that is simply the storyline itself. I’m at a point where the narratives that get told in these games mean almost as much as the gameplay. It won’t make up for bad gameplay, of course. But I definitely get into a game more when the story and concept are both fresh and intriguing.

If you’re the same way, then Broken Age will definitely hit some important beats for you. There are actually two different narratives going on and each one works all by itself. However, at the same time, you’ll quickly notice that their themes also link the two stories together in very cool ways.

The first narrative is about a boy named Shay who has an insatiable taste for adventure, risk and danger. Unfortunately, for Shay, he is basically trapped on a floating spaceship that stands between him and his dreams.

Broken Age’s second story belongs to another protagonist, Vella. This young woman has the misfortune of being selected for a sacrifice to satisfy a giant monster. Of course, Vella would rather go ahead and keep living.

You may have first heard of Broken Age when it was featured on Kickstarter. DoubleFine was successful, of course, in raising the funds they needed to get their game made. However, it was later released that Broken Age had spent all the funding they had received on just half the game. Needless to say, most people saw their expectations for the game fall hard.

Instead, DoubleFine came through with a very impressive feat. Not only have they successfully made a point and click game during a time when most video games work on complicated controls, but they also produced a truly compelling story.

The gameplay is amazing. The graphics are absolutely beautiful. And two separate narratives mean you’ll never get sick of moving on to the next challenge coming your way. So I’d say it was definitely worth spending the Kickstarter money and then some to put this game together.

If you like point and click games, this game disappoint. I’d also recommend it to those who have either never tried the genre or had a bad experience. This game will definitely get you into the action. Plus, the payoff to the storyline is well worth it.